(Prices shown include tax. All prices are subject to change without notice). Note that we make our own butter puff pastry from scratch for use in our sweet and savory pastries.

The Bread Basket

Crust heaven: Beer Boule with spent barley & caramelized onions

All bread loaves and buns (with the exception of the Brioche) are long-fermentation sourdoughs, fermented for 3 -7 days.  This allows the gluten to break down properly, and as a result, many of Walla’s gluten-intolerant customers can eat his breads, including some Celiacs. Some loaves will be frozen so that you can pick up your favorite on another day of the week. We also take custom orders with 24 hours notice for the focaccia buns, large focaccia pizzas, and the Fougasse.

Rosemary Focaccia Buns

Rosemary Focaccia buns – 4/$5.00

Whole Wheat Cranberry/Walnut – $8.00

Puttanesca: Olives, Olive Oil and Capers – $8.00

The famous Jewish Rye with Caraway

Jewish Rye with Caraway – $7.00

Brioche – egg & butter bread. Small plain $8., or large Cinnamon/Raisin $12.

Bianca Loaf:  roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes and Asiago. $9.00

Focaccia Pizza with Mushrooms!

Foccacia ‘Pizzas’ with Tomatoes, Cheese & Olives, or Mushroom & Cheese:  $17.00

Fougasse with cheddar and chilis (hot!) – $15.00

Whole Grain, 100% Organic Dark Rye  (Pumpernickel) -$7.00

Wine Loaf:  Organic Red Fife Heritage Wheat, Zinfandel wine, and Merlot flour that we grind from local seeds and skins. – $7.00

Organic Kamut, Sorghum and Pumpkin Seed Bread – $8.00 (wheat free)

Sweet Pastries 


Chocolate Babka loaves:  yeast dough with swirls of chocolate $12.

Baklava with pecans, walnuts & almonds

Baklava – walnuts, almonds, pecans – $4.50/sq.

Meringues: Rosewater-Pistachio, Cinnamon-Hazelnut, or Wild Blueberry – $4.00

Apple & Walnut Puff Pastry Turnovers – $5.00

Sour Cherry Puff Pastry Turnovers – $5.00

Pain au Chocolat (chocolate – filled croissants) – $5.00

Almond Croissants -$5.00

Cheese & Blueberry Danish

Cheese & Blueberry Danish – $5.00

Okanagan Sour Cherry Puff Pastry Turnovers

Peach or Quince Danish (made with our organic preserves) – $5.00

Kouign Amann (Salted caramel flavoured, croissant-type pastry) – $5.00

Individual Dark Callebaut Chocolate Flourless Cakes – $6.00

Dark Callebaut Flourless Cakes – 8 inch, $45 +tx.  10″ , $65.+tx

Alfajores – $4.50

Clafouti – Cherry or Peach, gluten-free (special order)

Rustic Fruit Tart with seasonal fruit and Frangipane (special order)

Savoury Pastries

Hot Bourekas every Saturday

Bourekas – potato & caramelized onion; cheese & dill; feta & spinach;
curried mushroom & eggplant. Frozen, or hot on Saturdays: $5. ea.

Quiche – whole wheat butter crust;
Mediterranean (artichokes/sundried tomatoes/olives). $20. Provencal (zucchini and broccoli). $20.
Lorraine:  with house-cured Pancetta/wild mushrooms/Fontina cheese. $21.
Serves 4-6

Walla’s Mediterranean Quiche

Spanish Frittata (crustless alternative to quiche):  potatoes, caramelized onions, Manchego and Cheddar cheeses, eggs, cream, saffron and smoked paprika. – $25.  serves 4-6

Brie En Croute:  1 kg. of Double Cream Brie stuffed with Walla’s organic quince preserves, and encased in our buttery puff-pastry. A unique and elegant appetizer. Serves 12 plus. $45.

Roulade :  Chicken livers and caramelized onions in red wine and Walla’s Balsamic reduction, rolled in buttery puff pastry. Aprox. 12 slices. $25.

Mediterranean Condiments
Z’houg – our addictive, ‘very hot’ Yemeni condiment – to spice up everything! Jar $7.50/$10.00

Babka 500 pixels (smaller)

Walla’s Chocolate Babka


Rustic Fruit Tart with Stawberries, Plums and Frangipane

Rustic Fruit Tart with Stawberries, Plums and Frangipane