The bread that I brought home yesterday is excellent: great texture, wonderful flavor and just slightly moist and springy…. A comment worth noting, I think: it has taken me a while to appreciate Ben’s bread because it is different to what we are led to believe is normal, ie., factory bread. I had to clear these preconceived ideas from my head and just enjoy Ben’s bread for what it is; wonderful and authentic. Now I enjoy it the most, slightly toasted, to enhance the flavor, with just a smear of butter on it. Nothing else on it disguise or hide the flavor. It sets the bar, nothing else comes close. Somehow, you have to try to prevent Ben’s bread being lost to the world.

Graham Tungate


Hello Mr. Manea (Ben),

Just wanted to let you know how much my sister and I have enjoyed your breads– good as anything I had when I lived in New York or anywhere in Europe where I’ve performed.

Last year Jane Shaak brought us loaves of your stellar rye with caraway and, when we returned for Shatford’s music festival last week, she gave us the Pain au Chocolate and more rye breads to feast on! Just finished the last chunk of rye 2 days ago with joy!

Many thanks and we pray that you will be able to continue enjoying life in good health! – Bill Goldenberg


Hello Mr.Manea,
We are friends of Jane Shaak, we are the Goldenberg Duo and performed at the Strings the Thing Festival last week. Jane brought us your outstanding rye bread, so moist and lovely. Just like we remembered from our childhood, great Jewish rye! Wonderful flavor and texture, thanks,
Susie Goldenberg
July 14.18


I want to forward some of the comments from my coworkers on the Johnny ‘Fraisier’ Cake.
We had it Sunday night, the night of our get together. I was affraid it might be loosing it’s freshness by then, but was rewarded to find out it remained marvellous. (I know you wouldn’t want me to serve a less than perfect cake you have made.)
My coworkers and I all had a big piece each, despite some of them hardly eating anything normally. One of them commented that she was amazed you only charged what you did, reasoning that each serving would be worth at the very least $8. (I devided the cake in 12 very sizeable pieces!)
The flavour and texture were both great. Soaking the corn base cake gave it a very different characteristic and kept it incredibly moist. I am never really interested in filling, frosting or icing, but every part of this cake was deeply delicious.
The amount of research and time invested shows that you are unique in your devotion to a flawless product. You are an artist in your field.
I personally hope that you will remain at your work of art for many years to come, even if that is a bit selfish of me! There is just no one person I have met who cares about the quality of their work as much as you do.
Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the world of food.
And thank you for reopening for me on Thursday.
S. Despres
Keremeos  9.19.17


Hello Ben and Sharon,
I first visited Walla around the end of January of this year. To be honest, I wasn’t planning on having lunch. Rather, I was bored from sitting in my office and needed somewhere to go – a place to sit down and ‘get away’ for a bit. Not recognizing many of the menu items, I decided to play it safe and go with the Greek Salad.

Two weeks later, I came back for the Pastrami Sandwich. What I didn’t realize was that I didn’t return to Walla for the food,I came back because of how well I was treated by man who was “just a baker”.

I once heard ‘the baker’ say, “it’s all about the food”. In many ways, he’s right. However, for me, although the food is excellent, I’ve always returned because of the people – you guys.

So thank you. Thank you for being who you are, for your friendship, and for bringing happiness to my family.

B. Anderson


Hi Ben,
I look forward to my weekly trip from Kelowna to Penticton. This beautiful scenic trip alway includes a stop at your Cafe/Bakery to pickup a supply of your wonderful breads, dips and pastries!
C. Rozerov, Kelowna, BC


We just wanted to thank you sooooo much for the most amazing experience of our ‘dessert lives’ ever. My cousin from Vancouver, who has had St Honore Cakes for his birthday every year for many years has never, ever tasted such a masterpiece as yours. There are only 2 bakeries in Vancouver that he is aware of that makes them and neither one of them was as authentic or more delicious than yours. Believe me, he has your business card. We had a group of 12 people in our party who were all salivating and there wasn’t one person that said it wasn’t the best dessert they have ever had. Even our lactose intolerant guests bit the bullet and asked for a piece after watching all of us. Thank you again so much.
We have a family reunion this summer of 35 people. I’m sure you’ll hear from us again. Wow……. the world hasn’t discovered you yet!!
Clark and Maureen Palm, Penticton, BC

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